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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open and working 24/7 hours as usual. You can feel free to use our services.

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(SOL200421102005) Personal Financial Plan Subject Solution (Finance & Investments Course)

Futuristic Solution #25

The final project is to solve the following case. Two parts

I. Part One (Accumulation Period)

A 55-year-old man wishes to retire in 10 years at 65 years of age. He is going to die at age 90

He currently spends $50,000 a year for living expenses. 

He currently has $500,000 to invest and wants to have $1,000,000 when he retires.

He does not want to add any more money to the portfolio.

Make sure your report answers the following 

Is this an attainable goal?

What average annual rate of return will he have to achieve his goal?

Put together a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds which wou


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(SOL200420225745) ENTRP 3823 Quantitative Methods in Business Subject Solution (Finance & Investments Course)

Futuristic Solution #24


The print shop at State University purchases from a vendor sweatshirts emblazoned with the school name and logo.  The vendor sells the sweatshirts to the printshop for $38 a piece.  The cost to the print shop for placing an order is $120, and the carrying cost is 25% of the purchase price.  The print shop manager estimates that 1,700 sweatshirts will be sold during the year.  The vendor has offered the print shop the following volume discount schedule:

A canning company produces two sizes of cans—regular and large.  The cans are produced in 10,000-can lots.&nb


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(SOL200420182825) SSE Legislation & Regulatory Compliance Subject Solution (Technology Management Course)

Futuristic Solution #23

Assignment (two total): During the semester, go to a grocery store, major department store or a building on our campus. Conduct an observation and identify all of the potential risks for this location. 

Develop a one (1) page synopsis through which to “sell” a new safety program to your management team. Identify the positive as well as the negative components. 


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(SOL200420182707) SSE Legislation & Regulatory Compliance Subject Solution (Technology Management Course)

Futuristic Solution #22

Research Paper

This course will include a written individual project of at least 20 pages in length (minimum 4 sources) on a legal topic impacting the safety and health profession. You do NOT need to acquire approval for your topic. Please utilize APA style, Harvard Bluebook or any other recognized style. Please use a minimum of four (4) sources in your research. This must be ORIGIONAL work. You may NOT revise or modification a paper which has been previously submitted to any source.  


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(SOL200420182539) SSE Auditing Subject Solution (Technology Management Course)

Futuristic Solution #21

Group Project: The course will culminate with the submission of a project that establishes an audit program and audit document. This will be a group project. Your audit program and document will also be created in such a way that they can be practically utilized.


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(SOL200420182351) SSE Issues in Security Management Subject Solution (Technology Management Course)

Futuristic Solution #20

Project 3: Write a 10-page paper on a security topic. Example-locks, fences, biometrics, etc.. The paper is to be in APA style, no abstract necessary. You must have at least 8 references to be used throughout the paper. 


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(SOL200420182202) SSE Industrial Safety Management Subject Solution (Technology Management Course)

Futuristic Solution #19

Safety Management Research Project/ Paper 

Select an emerging and/or developing topic related to safety management and write a research paper on the subject. This paper should be at least 12 pages in length and utilize at least 10 reputable sources. The research paper should be written in accordance with current APA requirements, and double-spaced.


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(SOL200420182112) SSE Industrial Safety Management Subject Solution (Technology Management Course)

Futuristic Solution #18

OSHA Compliance Program: This assignment will be a group assignment. Students can work in groups of up three students to address a compliance need presented by a particular OSHA standard. (Examples include Hazard Communication, Confined Space Entry, Control of Hazardous Energy Sources (Lockout-Tagout), Respiratory Protection, etc.) Individually, students are required to draft a written policy/program to satisfy the compliance requirements of the particular OSHA standard selected for his/her group. As a group, students must develop a 10-15-minute presentation one their particular program, and d


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(SOL200420182030) SSE Industrial Safety Management Subject Solution (Technology Management Course)

Futuristic Solution #17

Safety and Health Management System: Students will be presented either a hypothetical or real organization, and will be required to draft a written, comprehensive plan that sets forth how the safety programs will be administered and maintained within this organization, and how safety will be managed. The plan must be developed in accordance with the ANSI Z10 standard as presented in the text, and should take into consideration additional safety management topics discussed in class; i.e., staffing, training, legal and budgetary concerns. More detailed instructions on formatting, submission, len


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(SOL200420004937) COMSC 3253 Introduction to Computer Forensics Subject Solution (Computer Science Course)

Futuristic Solution #16

Question 1 The button is required to press if in case of robot motion is not needed for inspecting the electrical circuits:

Question 2 Which are the correct Camera DIP switch settings for iRVision?

Question 3 The only method for communication between the R-30iB robot and the iRVision computer is:

Question 4 Before calibrating the camera you must set the:

Question 5 For the PC to be used to setup vision processes, what controls need to be installed?

Question 6 The three large circles in line with one another on the calibration grid refer to:

Question 7 On the TP you can view:

Question 8 Which software


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