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Get assignment solution or answer for "Week Five Exam2021FA Technology and Society (ETM-300-302)Question 1Please write your name in the space provided.Question 2Please watch and/or listen to..."

Technology & Society (TECH-1223-4104) Problems & Solutions (Technology Management Course Help)

Question Preview

Futuristic Solution #74

Week Five Exam

2021FA Technology and Society (ETM-300-302)

Question 1

Please write your name in the space provided.

Question 2

Please watch and/or listen to the required National Geographic video, "Climate 101: Ozone Depletion" and answer the following questions.

1.  How many kilometers above the Earth's surface is the ozone layer?

2. The ozone layer acts as a barrier between Earth and WHAT from the sun?

3. WHAT has caused the ozone layer to thin, with the consequence of exposing life on Earth to dangerous radiation.

4. How many layers make up Earth's atmosphere?

5. What is the second layer called, and does that second layer contain the ozone?

6. How many oxygen atoms does Ozone contain?

7. There are three ozone molecules for every HOW MANY in the atmosphere?

8. The Ozone layer acts as Earth's sunscreen, absorbing what percentage of damaging UV light?

9.  Fill in the blank from the following quote: "But the ozone layer has gotten thinner. Chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs  are the primary culprits in ozone layer breakdown. A CFC is a molecule that contains the elements carbon, chlorine and fluorine. CFCs are mostly found in refrigerants, aerosols and _______ products."

10. Fill in the blank from the following quote: "When CFCs are exposed to ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere, they break down into substances that include _________."

11. Fill in the blank from the following quote: "The chlorine reacts with the _______ atoms in ozone and rips apart the ozone molecule."

12. The ozone layer WHERE in particular has been impacted by pollution since the mid-1980s?

13. Fill in the two blanks from the following quote:  There the region's low temperatures ______  __ the conversion of CFCs to ozone-damaging chlorine."

14. Fill in the blank from the quote: "About ____ of CFCs currently in the atmosphere were emitted by industrialized countries in the northern hemisphere."

15. In what year did the Montreal Protocol banned the production  of ozone-depleting substances?


Question 3

Please watch and/or listen to the video, " NASA sees definitive evidence of Montreal Protocol's success" and answer the following questions:

1.The Montreal Protocol has been a great success at banning what?

2. How long have they been measuring this?

3. What was going up before the Montreal Protocol?

4. Once the Protocol was signed and the regulations went into effect, where was it seen that the levels of ozone-depleting substances were going down?

5. WHAT actually damages the ozone in the atmosphere, and....

6.WHERE does this damage actually take place?

7. Fill in the blank from this quote: "Hey, the ozone hole's recovering, it's getting smaller and it's because of declining _____________."

8. What is the relationship between the how warm (or cold) the year is, and the depletion of the ozone?

9. Fill in the blank from this quote:  "And we're able to do this because of measurements from the NASA Aura instrument called the Microwave Limb Sounder, so what we've seen by using the MLS data is that ozone depletion has _________."

10. Fill in the blank from this quote: "It does vary a lot still, but it declines and it's declining sort of in step with the _______ changes...."


Question 4

Please watch and/or listen to the required video, "Seasonal Changes in Carbon Dioxide" and answer the following questions

1. The pulsing of the data is caused by WHAT of plant photosynthesis at the ground?

2. The high concentrations are from the buildup of CO2 during the winter from WHERE when photosynthesis is not active and CO2 is produced by plant decay?

3. By WHAT MONTH is  the photosynthesis in the vast vegetation regions north of the Equator draws massive amounts of co2 out of the atmosphere resulting in low carbon dioxide across the entire Northern Hemisphere?

4. The growth and decay of vegetation WHERE cause the seasonal change in atmospheric carbon dioxide seen here between March and July?

5. While seasonal changes in vegetation growth controls CO2 on monthly timescales,  WHAT governs long-term carbon dioxide trends?

Question 5

Next, please watch the required video, "Climate Change -- Why the urgency".

There are two parts to this essay.  The first part of the essay, please list ten important points, especially any time she includes numbers or data.  For example, she says that "sea level rise if we hit that 2 degree mark would affect 10 million more people"..... those numbers are pretty powerful.  Make a point to watch how she explains her data.  The second part of the essay is to summarize in a few sentences why she feels the problem is an urgent one. 

Part One:  List Ten important points in the video, making a point to write down any numbers or data when they are mentioned.











Part Two: In your OWN words, please explain why she felt the problem is an urgent one.  No fewer than a few sentences please.


Question 6

Now if you would, please, watch and/or listen to the required TED Talk Why climate change is about money.  

1. According to the video, why the disparity of opinions about whether or not climate change is real or not?

2. According to the video, do we have the time?

3. The kids didn't go to school for how long after the 2010 floods, and why?

4. How does she recommend that we rethink climate refinance?

5. What is shift one?  (Reference since it is everybody's business, it ends up being nobody's business)

6. What is shift two?  

7. What example does she give for shift two?

8. What is shift three?

9. What is a definition of climate finance?  (You may use Google or another search engine for this, you don't have to use the library to find a definition of climate finance).

10. What is the source of your definition of climate finance?  (A simple web link is fine here).


Question 7

If you would, please watch and/or listen to the required  TED TALK  How using behavioral science can lower your energy bill.  Summarize in your own words the problem he presented, and the solution he offered.   Please be as detailed as you can.   No fewer than five sentences, but more is better.

Question 8

The graph below is from NASA's blog, "The Climate Connections of a Record Fire Year in the U.S. West".   Please click the link, REQUIRED The Climate Connections of a Record Fire Year in the U.S. West, and in your own words,

 Explain what is said in the blog article (in your own words -- no fewer than five major points should be addressed in your summary),

  Of the graph with ten trends, eight have gone up, one has remained steady, and one has declined.  List the eight items that have made a trend upwards, list the one that has remained flat, and list the one that has declined.

Question 9

That's it!  Write freebie and RUN AWAY!!!!

Release Date: September 16, 2021

Answer Preview

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