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Get assignment solution or answer for "Question 1;Which one of the following is not a benefit of multiple packaging?Question 2:When Minute Maid mailed out free samples of its..."

Principles of Marketing Problems & Solutions (Management Course Help)

Assignment Preview

Futuristic Solution #11

Question 1;

Which one of the following is not a benefit of multiple packaging?

Question 2:

When Minute Maid mailed out free samples of its new instant drink mix, it was trying to move prospective customers into the ____ stage of the product adoption process.

Question 3:

A secondary-use package is defined as one that

Question 4:

Achieving greater penetration of the market is typically a business goal during the ____ stage of the product life cycle.

Question 5:

Which one of the following terms is the best description of what happens in the third stage of the product adoption process?

Question 6:

Heinz promoting its vinegar as an effective cleaner for wall, glass, kitchen, and bathroom surfaces would most likely be a strategy for the ____ stage of the product life cycle.

Question 7:

A ____ brand usually requires a producer to become involved in distribution, promotion, and pricing decisions.

Question 8:

Depending on the length of time it takes them to adopt a new product, people can be divided into five major adopter categories: early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards, and

Question 9:

R.J. Reynolds markets several brands of cigarettes, including Vantage, Camel, Winston, and Salem. This is an example of which type of branding policy?

Question 10:

Which of the following is not a benefit for buyers of branding?

Question 11:

Products for which buyers are willing to spend much time comparing stores and brands for differences in prices, product features, and services are called ____ products

Question 12:

If the company that produces Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner were to introduce Garnier Fructis dryer sheets with the same scent, this would be called ____ branding.

Question 13:

As the production manager of an engineering firm, you went out and bought a metal-cutting machine. What you have purchased can best be classified as a

Question 14:

Many services base their success on building a group of satisfied customers who use their services on a regular basis over long periods of time. This critical component of success is referred to as

Question 15:

A run-out policy of product deletion 

Question 16:

The fact the services cannot be inventoried and then sold at a later date is called

Question 17:

A service is usually offered as part of a bundled package of services with a core service and one or more ____ services.

Question 18:

Ideally, test marketing should follow which stage in the new-product development process?

Question 19:

Some services are time sensitive, meaning that a significant number of customers desire the service around the same time. This point in time is called

Question 20:

Tesla vehicles have the unique characteristics of being a totally electric, premium luxury vehicle. The marketing manager wants to focus on these unique aspects rather than comparing the vehicles directly to competitors. He wants Tesla to be seen in a totally different light. Based on these objectives, he would want to position the vehicles

Question 21:

Any service provider that offers time-sensitive services receives most of its revenue during

Question 22:

When a firm identifies old technologies that can be exploited in new ways or develops new business models to give customers more than theyve come to expect from current products in a specific market, it is engaging in

Question 23:

A sign in a doctor's office waiting room says "Please be courteous of the others waiting with you." The doctor's office is trying to positively influence the ____ aspect of services.

Question 24:

If Duke Oh, product manager at Gale Rider Boats, became aware that Seven Seas Boats, Inc., was in the process of test marketing a new line of shallow-water fishing boats in the southeast U.S. region, he might want to engage in ____ to reduce the validity of the other firm's results.

Question 25:

Jorge is speaking to his brother about the interaction he had today with one of his clients.  Since he is referring to his customer as a client, Jorge is most likely a(n)

Question 26:

Sam tells Carl that he likes his team's idea about a new three-lace running shoe but wants him to put together some figures regarding anticipated sales, costs, and resulting profits. He is asking Carl to proceed to which stage of the new-product development process?

Question 27:

Uber uses a pricing strategy based on real-time market conditions. It charges less in periods of low demand and more during periods of high demand. Sometimes these prices double or triple during periods of high demand. Uber argues that these higher prices motivate more drivers to pick up passengers, thus increasing the supply of drivers needed to handle the additional demand. This demand-based pricing strategy is an example of

Question 28:

When Jamie and Cayden are planning their honeymoon, their travel agent tells them that if they buy a special package, their trip to Paris will include meals, tickets to the theater, and a rental car in addition to airfare and a hotel. This is an example of the use of

Question 29:

Bundle pricing may be perceived to be of value by customers because

Question 30:

Dividing the percentage change in quantity demanded by the percentage change in price gives the

Question 31:

If a product has an inelastic demand and the manufacturer raises its price,

Question 32:

If an organization sets prices to recover research and development expenses and establish a premium quality image for its product, it would be using a ____ pricing objective.

Question 33:

A market share objective

Question 34:

All of the following are psychological techniques except

Question 35:

Aldis and Dollar General stores have been expanding their footprint across the United States, opening new locations and competing against traditional discount and grocery store chains, such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, Kroger, Jewel Osco, and Schnucks. Both Aldis and Dollar General hope to capture a large proportion of the dollars consumers spend on grocery and general merchandise items and have responded to consumer desires for value and convenience of a smaller store. What type of pricing objective are these stores utilizing?

Question 36:

Which of the following pricing objectives sets prices to recover cash as quickly as possible?

Question 37:

You are reading the quarterly financial report of one of your competitors. You expected to see their total sales revenue decline because they had a large price increase during the quarter. You were certain that the price increase would lead to an equivalently large decrease in their total sales revenue. To your surprise, their total sales revenue actually increased in the quarter.Based on this information, which of the following explanations could explain why the competitors total sales revenue increased?

Question 38:

Because of the significant investment many companies have in the products they sell to customers, they must develop and maintain adequate varieties of products to meet their customers' needs. This is called

Question 39:

Who or what determine(s) under what circumstances channel management practices violate the principle that the public is best served by protecting competition and free trade and therefore must be restricted?

Question 40:

You are meeting with the new CEO of your company to discuss marketing channel strategies. You are delighted to learn that the CEO actually understands the importance of marketing channels in a firms sales success. The CEO tells you that his primary concern is that the chosen marketing channel facilitates the firms ability to make products available when customers want them, and in locations where they want them. He leaves it to you to decide on the appropriate marketing channel. Given his primary concern you should make sure the channel you choose is capable of creating lots of

Question 41:

Which mode of transportation hauls more freight than any other?

Question 42:

Large retailers such as J.C.Penney's and Target are most likely to participate in which of the following channels?

Question 43:

____ adds time and place utility to a product by moving it from where it is made to where it is purchased and used.

Question 44:

At the annual managers' planning conference, Andrea Conrad asks the other managers to consider her proposal to increase the quantity of inventory to a five-week supply in order to increase the percentage of completely filled customer orders from 85% to 90%. She states that she is willing to trade off the ____ incurred for the positive effect of better customer service.

Question 45:

Arbys sells its food items through company-owned stores and through franchises. Arbys uses ____ as a channel strategy.

Question 46:

Apple makes its computers available through its own stores, its website, and some major retailers. This is an example

Question 47:

As her Internet quilt and bed linen business grew, Hollie could no longer perform all the distribution activities, so she hired a shipper and an information technology firm to assist with these functions. Hollie is using ____ for physical distribution for her business.

Question 48:

Fansteel manufactures parts used in jet engines, which it sells to companies such as Boeing. When shipping products to Boeing, Fansteel seals the parts in 8'  8'  40' boxes for shipping to decrease loss and damage. This method of materials handling is

Question 49:

Fred Stevens is the head of a company that produces computer software for production scheduling. The firm is small and presently does not generate enough volume to justify hiring a sales force. The firm is probably using ____ to maintain contact with the firms using its products.

Release Date: April 19, 2020

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