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Get assignment solution or answer for "Hydrology Final Exam1. What is the uniform flow in a channel? (5 Points)2. What is wetted perimeter? What is hydraulic..."

Introduction to Hydraulics and Hydrology Problems & Solutions (Technology Management Course Help)

Question Preview

Archive Solution #66

Hydrology Final Exam

1. What is the uniform flow in a channel? (5 Points)

2. What is wetted perimeter? What is hydraulic radius in an open channel? (5 Points)

3. Water is flowing at a velocity of 3 ft/sec. through a 15-ft wide culvert at a depth of 4 ft.  If the width of the culvert reduces to 9 ft and the depth reduces to 3 ft, what is the new velocity? (10 Points) 

4. Calculate the slope s0, the cross-sectional area a; the wetted perimeter p; and the hydraulic radius R. The cross-section is shown in Fig. 1. (10 Points)

Figure for q#4

5.  A 120-lb box measuring 12 in. 18 in. 24 in. is placed in water. Note the height is 12 in. Determine if the box floats or sinks?  If the box floats, what is the height of the box above the water surface? (10 Points)

6. A reservoir of water is connected to an 8-inch-diameter pipe, 50 feet long and discharging freely. The water surface elevation of the reservoir is 410.0 feet, and the elevation of the center of the pipe at its discharge end is 372.5 feet. Neglecting friction, determine the velocity, v, and discharge, Q, at the end of the pipe. (10 Points)

7. A vertical plate with height 5.0 feet and width 2.0 feet is submerged 3.0 feet below the water surface (the top of the plate to the water surface is 3.0 feet). Find the resultant hydrostatic force and the location of the center of pressure. (10 points) 

8.  A sliding plate viscometer is used to determine the viscosity of a fluid. The plate length is 0.5 ft and width 0.4 ft. The separation between plates is 0.020 ft. A force of 0.00050 lb moves the upper plate at a velocity of 6.0 ft/s. What is the absolute viscosity? (10 points)

9. Find the quantity of flow Q in a concrete rectangular channel having a width of 10.0 m, a slope of 0.01500 m/m, and a normal depth, Dn, of 1.35 m. Let roughness factor n = 0.011. (10 Points)

10. Find normal depth in a 8.0-foot-wide concrete rectangular channel having a slope of 0.0120 ft/ft and carrying a flow of 300. cfs. Let roughness factor n = 0.012. (20 points).

Release Date: July 03, 2021

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