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Get assignment solution or answer for "Final Exam questions/Review Test Submission: Final ExamQuestion 1 Describe situational leadership.  (Answer this question) You as a supervisor are mistakenly using..."

Fundamentals of Engineering Problems & Solutions (Technology Management Course Help)

Assignment Preview

Archive Solution #32

Final Exam questions/Review Test Submission: Final Exam

Question 1 

Describe situational leadership.  (Answer this question) You as a supervisor are mistakenly using an S1 supervision technique on a S4 employee.  What type of supervising are you doing and what technique should you be doing to be successful? 

Question 2 

Describe the differences between non-renewable energy and renewable energy.  Name three examples of each type.

Question 3 

"Does the End Justify the Means?"  Explain the meaning behind this quote.  How can this quote be used in a decision in your future career setting?  

Question 4 

What is ethical behavior?  Answer this question:  You are a supervisor on a manufacturing line, you have an employee who's been missing one to two days of work per week and you've noticed that he has been requesting to borrow money from other line workers.  One line worker has explained that the employee almost never packs his lunch from home like he always did in the past.  After confronting the employee, he states hes going through a divorce and tells you he's low on money and has been missing work to take care of his kids and it wont happen again.  What should you do?

Question 5 

Describe Total Quality Management and give an example of how TQM is used in the manufacturing environment.  

Question 6 

List the steps in the Design Cycle Phases.  

Question 7 

What is a trade off in manufacturing and give an example of a tradeoff that you may see in your career field?

Question 8 

Describe Quality Control in a few sentences

Question 9 

Describe a way that biotechnology is used in the world today and what is negative trade-off of the method you described.  

Question 10 

This entire semester has been different due to the virus.  This virtual environment we find ourselves in daily, will follow you to the workplace in some shape or form.  How has using virtual technology changed your habits of learning?  How could you use the new skills that you have had to mold this semester to make your future work environment more successful?   





Release Date: June 09, 2021

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