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Get assignment solution or answer for "Assignment 1 Go through the following case and answer the questions that follow and submit in the form of a..."

Strategic Management & Business Policy Problems & Solutions (Management Course Help)

Assignment Preview

Futuristic Solution #63

Assignment 1 Go through the following case and answer the questions that follow and submit in the form of a report (4000 words).

John Jeffrey enjoys vegetables, so much so that he has given up his full-time job as a lawyer to concentrate on growing and marketing organic vegetables. He started growing vegetables 20 years ago in his back garden and eventually became fully self-sufficient in supplying vegetables for the family. Partly bored with his legal job and tempted by an attractive severance package, John decided he would try to establish his own vegetable supply business. Eighteen months ago, he looked around for two fields to lease in which he could grow organic vegetables. Organic products including vegetables, is a growth market in the UK (England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). Growers must adhere to strict guidelines in order to gain organic certification. Increasing awareness of the problems associated with many pesticides and fertilizers, coupled with an increased interest in healthy eating habits and wholesome food, has meant that many consumers are now either purchasing or interested in purchasing organic vegetables. This is true not only of household customers, but in addition, many restaurants are using the lure of organic produce to give them a distinctive edge in the market place.............


  1. Outline the advice would you give to John about developing his business through more effective strategic marketing?
  2. Perform the SWOT for Beckett.
  3. Explain with reasons the Porters generic strategies you would suggest for Beckett.
  4. Suggest the marketing strategies that John should use to market his Organic vegetables since this is a new and upcoming area of business? Bring out the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy.
  5. Bring out the appropriate strategy and pricing decisions that you would suggest if this company is to start marketing its products in your home country? Explain with reasons by Performing the PESTLE analysis for your home country.
  6. What in your opinion are the pros and cons that that an organization indulging in Organic products usually need to face? When they enter emerging markets?


Release Date: June 27, 2021

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